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Quicksand bannerAuthor Gigi Pandian

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April 20-29



A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery

(cozy mystery)

Release date: March 10, 2015
at Henery Press
280 pages

ISBN: 9781941962275



A thousand-year-old secret room. A sultan’s stolen treasure. A missing French priest. And an invitation to Paris to rekindle an old flame…

Historian Jaya Jones finds herself on the wrong side of the law during an art heist at the Louvre. To redeem herself, she follows clues from an illuminated manuscript that lead from the cobblestone streets of Paris to the quicksand-surrounded fortress of Mont Saint-Michel. With the help of enigmatic Lane Peters and a 90-year-old stage magician, Jaya delves into France’s colonial past in India to clear her name and catch a killer.  (provided by the author)



“Lively and humorous… Charming characters, a hint of romantic conflict, and just the right amount of danger will garner more fans for this cozy series.”
Publishers Weekly

“Like Agatha Christie? Elizabeth Peters? Then you’re going to love Gigi Pandian.”
—Edgar-winning author Aaron Elkins



 Gigi PandianUSA Today bestselling author Gigi Pandian
is the child of cultural anthropologists from New Mexico
and the southern tip of India.
After being dragged around the world during her childhood,
she tried to escape her fate when she left a PhD program for art school.
But adventurous academics wouldn’t stay out of her head.
Thus was born the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery Series
(Artifact, Pirate Vishnu, and Quicksand).
Gigi’s debut mystery novel was awarded a Malice Domestic Grant
and named a “Best of 2012” Debut Novel by Suspense Magazine.
Her short fiction has been short-listed for Agatha and Macavity awards,
and she also writes the new Accidental Alchemist mystery series.
She takes photos of gargoyles wherever she goes, and posts them on her Gargoyle Girl blog.

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Visit her Gargoyle photography blog: http://www.gargoylegirl.com

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The Discerning Reader

One incredibly smart narrative with highly intelligent characters.
Fabulous historical elements cement the solidity of the storyline.
Exciting, fast paced, loads of fun. Very enjoyable sharp mystery.

For the Hook of a Book

Pandian writes well-researched historical mysteries that intertwine many cool places into a suspense mystery and an action-filled adventure.
I can fondly say that Pandian’s Quicksand had some of all the major elements of a book to love.
This book was a captivating, energized ride to historical and cultural places ripe with mystery and suspense.

View From the Birdhouse

Quicksand is an unusual, adventure-filled cozy mystery.  I found the intelligent characters and the emphasis on history very appealing.
I enjoyed Gigi Pandian’s writing style.  I look forward to reading more of her books, and recommend Quicksand to other cozy mystery fans.

It’s a Mad Mad World

This is a wonderful cozy mystery book with a fantastic main character: Jaya Jones.
Gigi Pandian has written a book that really suited me and if you like cozy mystery books, then I would recommend checking out this book and the rest of the books in the series.

Pix Me

This is the first book I’ve read by Gigi Pandian and found it to be so much fun! It was a fast-paced Indiana-Jones style story that kept me glued to the pages.
Plenty of plot twists keep you interested until the end of the book.
This series would make a great TV series!

Queen of All She Reads

If you like quirky characters, solving mysteries and a touch of romance, then you’re going to want to read this book.
The two mysteries were well developed and took plenty of twists and turns and kept things interesting.
I enjoyed it and plan to go back and read the previous books, Artifact and Pirate Vishnu to see what other adventures Jaya has gotten into.

Griperang’s Bookmarks

Even though it does read fast it is packed with plenty of adventure. I liked that there was not only mystery but some romance and history as well.
If you are a fan of cozy mysteries you will enjoy this book.

Wildmoo Books

If you’re looking for an adventure story wrapped in the fuzzy warmth of a cozy mystery Quicksand might be up your alley.
It was entertaining.
If you’re in to cozies do check out the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery Series.







Jean-Philippe Blondel on Tour: The 6:41 to Paris

641 to Paris_BannerJean-Philippe Blondel

on  Tour

September 14-18


641to_paris_digital-3-900x1200The 6:41 to Paris


 Release date: November 10, 2015
at New Vessel Press

153  pages

ISBN: 978-1939931269

Website | Goodreads



Cecile, a stylish 47-year-old, has spent the weekend visiting her parents in a provincial town southeast of Paris. By early Monday morning, she’s exhausted. These trips back home are always stressful and she settles into a train compartment with an empty seat beside her. But it’s soon occupied by a man she instantly recognizes: Philippe Leduc, with whom she had a passionate affair that ended in her brutal humiliation 30 years ago. In the fraught hour and a half that ensues, their express train hurtles towards the French capital. Cécile and Philippe undertake their own face to face journey—In silence? What could they possibly say to one another?—with the reader gaining entrée to the most private of thoughts. This is a brilliant psychological thriller, a high-wire act of emotions on rails, about past romance, with all its pain and promise. [provided by the publisher]



portrait de Jean-philippe Blondel 

Jean-Philippe Blondel
was born in 1964 in Troyes, France
where he lives as an author and English teacher.
His novel The 6:41 to Paris
has been a bestseller in both France and Germany.


Alison Anderson is a novelist and translator of literature from French. Among the authors she has translated are JMG Le Clézio, Christian Bobin, Muriel Barbery and Amélie Nothomb. She has lived in Northern California and currently lives in a village in Switzerland.
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Mayhem in Margaux: release day today

Mayhem in Margaux Banner

Today is the official

release day of



Mayhem in Margaux

(cozy mystery)

 Release date: May 14, 2015
at Le French Book

153  pages

ISBN: 978-1939474384

Website | Goodreads



It’s summer in Bordeaux. There’s a heat wave, the vineyards are suffering, vintners are on edge, and wine expert Benjamin Cooker’s daughter is visiting. A tragic car accident draws the Winemaker Detective and his assistant Virgile into a case where the stakes are very personal, and they uncover the dirty secrets hiding behind some of Bordeaux’s finest grand cru classé wines from Margaux. [provided by the publisher]


An episode in a long successful French mysteries series
that is a hit television series now in its fourth season
and attracting an audience of over 4 million.
The series is a huge success in France, Belgium and Switzerland.




©David Nakache


Jean-Pierre Alaux
and Noël Balen,
wine lover and music lover respectively,
came up with the idea
for the Winemaker Detective series
while sharing a meal,
with a bottle of Château Gaudou 1996,
a red wine from Cahors
with smooth tannins and a balanced nose.


Translator Sally Pane studied French at State University of New York Oswego and the Sorbonne before receiving her Masters Degree in French Literature from the University of Colorado. She has translated several titles in this series.
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