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Welcome to France Book Tours!

France Book Tours organizes virtual book tours to match books with targeted book bloggers who love books set in/about France OR written originally by a French author.

Send your questions to francebooktours at gmail dot com.

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The hashtag for France Book Tours is #franceBT



I actively joined the blogging community with my very first post on September 29, 2010 at Words And Peace. My reviews reflect my interest in a large variety of genres and formats.

Little by little however, I started featuring more of my French heritage, through my weekly I Love France meme, and then my Books on France Reading Challenge.

I launched France Book Tours, a promotional tool

  • to help authors who are focusing on my native country,

  • and to connect them with book bloggers eager to read any good book set in/about France.

You recently wrote a book set in France or about France?

France Book Tours is an easy and very efficient way of marketing your book, as the book blogging community is a passionate crowd, eager to share about good books they read.

The bloggers are invited to review books on a pre-selected day and/or interview you, the author, with/without a book giveaway, as agreed by both you the author/publisher and each blogger.

See more information on arranging a tour under Author application

You are a book blogger and you love reading books set in the City of Lights or in France in general?

France Book Tours offers you the opportunity to read a book for free and to review it on your blog (sometimes on your Goodreads account if you don’t have a book blog) or even to interview the author.
An incentive programs allows you to win gift cards. See here for more details

See here more information on how to become a tour host


Authors, I will not automatically accept your book for a Tour. France Book Tours is flexible, but I need to consider your proposal and see that it really fits the purpose of these virtual book tours. I promptly answer all emails.

Reviewers, when you enter a giveaway, I keep your email address only until a winner has been chosen and has confirmed. After that, I delete the form where your answers were stored during the duration of the giveaway. If you win and you email me your mailing address, I delete this email and its information as soon as I have mailed you the book.


My name is Emma Cazabonne.
I am French and have been living in the US for 15 years.
Besides being a book blogger,
I am an English-French translator,
an online French tutor (through Skype),
and an artist.
If you are considering having your book translated into French, I would be most happy to do it for you. My translating rates are very affordable, and I have been doing translations for over 20 years – resume available on request.

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