Are you thinking of spending your next vacation in France?
of working in France?
of retiring in France?
of reading a book in French?

It’s time to brush up your French

with France Book tours

French classes

At France Book Tours, we offer very affordable one-on-one online French classes – using the Skype platform, very convenient for conversations and corrections in the chat box.

All my classes are geared towards the specific needs of each student, so if you are considering taking French classes,
please contact me at france book tours at gmail dot com
and tell me what your needs are:

  • if you are a beginner,
  • or for how long you have been studying French,
  • if you want help on a specific point or a broader program
    (grammar, vocabulary, general conversation, translation, written French only, for instance for your Ph.D., etc).

I’m open to whatever you need and would be most happy to help you.

Please specify also what your time zone is, and which days and hours work best for you –Monday through Friday only.