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4/5/2022 Edit

France Book Tours is changing, and we are not accepting new applications at this point.
However, if you have ideas about how we could help you advertise your book,
please share with us, and we’ll see what we can do to make it work for you!



More services are offering free copies for readers. As a consequence, less and less reviewers are ready to go through the stress of reading and writing their review for a specific day.
So France Book Tours is now offering simplified options!

What’s unique about
France Book Tours?

France Book Tours helps market only books having some connection with France

Tour Packages

Bordeaux Package:

  • you decide which content, and offer review copies if you wish
  • we post it here and on our sister blog: Words And Peace
  • and several times on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Burgundy Package:

  • contains the Bordeaux package
  • plus your book featured on 6 memes, such as Friday 56, First Line Fridays, Teaser Tuesday, etc

Eiffel Package:

  • contains the Bordeaux and Burgundy packages
  • plus your book is featured as the book of the month (with a giveaway attached to it) for a full month

Contact us for pricing

Please feel in the form here below
at least 2 weeks before your feature day,
if you would like your book to be on France Book Tours.

You will be promptly informed if you are accepted on France Book Tours.

You will receive a paypal invoice as soon as your book is posted.

Feel free to send any question to francebooktours at gmail dot com

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Looking forward to working with you