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The Church of Tango: tour quotations

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Cherie Magnus

is back

on Tour

June 1-14


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The Church of Tango: a Memoir


 Release date: 2012
292 pages
Mirasol Press



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When she couldn’t do anything else, she went to Paris. This is a story of survival that cuts across death, cancer, Alzheimer’s, loss of home and homeland and cherished heirlooms and possessions, loss of shared histories, of hope for one’s children, of hope for the future, of love. But it’s also about finding love and unexpected joy. And about listening to the music and dancing.

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The Church of Tango_Cherie MagnusCherie Magnus
returned home to Los Angeles, California in 2014
after teaching tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina for eleven years.
Before her South American expat adventure,
she lived in France and Mexico.
Cherie worked as a dance research librarian at the Los Angeles Central Library
and was a dance critic for local newspapers.
She is the author of the Death Dance Destiny Memoir Trilogy,
which includes The Church of Tango.
Her articles and reviews on dance, books, travel and international culture
have been published in magazines, professional journals, and anthologies.

To find our more, please visit her website. Follow her on Facebook, and Twitter 

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Boys’ Mom Reads!

I was so comfortable with the author’s writing style. Her words flowed, and I willingly followed.
It was chockful of interesting tidbits and facts along with her absorbing story. The descriptions of the culture of the places she was living and especially that of the tango dance clubs were fascinating.
I highly recommend THE CHURCH OF TANGO for readers that enjoy women’s memoirs (this is a must-read!), memoirs related to dance, and true stories of living life to its best advantage.

 Locks, Hooks and Books

The Church of Tango is a fascinating memoir by Cherie Magnus.
She does not hold back on her emotions or how she was able to find her way of coping with tragedy.
It was an overall a very good inspiration. I think so many readers who would be able to relate to it.
I recommend it for readers who enjoy reading about real people, issues, how they are able overcome a devastating loss and able to heal.


Choices. This book is a story about choices, what to do when a beloved partner passes away from a dreadful disease, how to cope with life afterwards.
Cherie fought on. She has shown what a strong woman she is, even beating her doctor’s prognosis. All thanks to her love of dance!

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Monet and Oscar: Friday 56

Friday 56



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Monet & Oscar

Monet & Oscar Friday 56

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