France Book Tours #Banner 1st anniversary

France Book Tours is celebrating
its first anniversary
on April 18!


 Rafflecopter giveaway

Everything is ready for our 1st anniversary celebration!

On April 18, you will see together all the books offered by our generous authors, and you will have a chance to enter the rafflecopter, highlighting so far 14 authors and 8 bloggers.

If you are interested in posting that April 18 post on your own blog, please send me an email and I will send you the ready made html, super fast for you to copy and paste.

another option would be for you to just post the rafflecopter code, but people will need then to go to the France Book Tours to see the books offered. Again I have the code ready for you if you want it for your own blog.

Once you paste it, you do NOT have to do anything with the rafflecopter, it will all be in one hat, and I’ll be taking care of it.

It’s not too late for bloggers who have at least reviewed one book for France Book Tours to ask me to add them in the rafflecopter. Just give me your facebook and/or twitter account connected with your blog, anf whoever enters the rafflecopter will get 1 or 2 extra entries if they follow you.

Twitter Party

I just set up a twubs page for the twitter party. as you know if we have lots of people at the party, it’s better to use a third-party, such as twubs, to follow faster the tweets. plus you don’t need to retype the hashtag all the time, twubs does it for you.

The twitter party is on Wed, April 23, from 5:00-6PM CT.

#fbt was already in use, so our hashtag is #franceBT

Prepare your questions for authors or other bloggers.

There will a book giveaway every 15 mn, so 4 book giveaways!

the twubs page is

you can join the twub any time before the party, just log in with your twitter account, to have things synced with your account. you can disable it after the party if you wish.

Please spread the word for the twitter party! any book lover is invited!