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The Sharp Hook of Love

[historical/biographical/literary fiction]

Release date: October 7, 2014
at Simon and Schuster/Gallery Books

384 pages

ISBN: 9781451684797



“To forbid the fruit only sweetens its flavor”

Among the young women of 12th century Paris, Heloise d’Argenteuil stands apart. Extraordinarily educated and quick-witted, she is being groomed by her uncle to become an abbess in the service of God.

But with one encounter, her destiny changes forever. Pierre Abelard, headmaster at the Nôtre Dame Cloister School, is acclaimed as one of the greatest philosophers in France. His controversial reputation only adds to his allure, yet despite the legions of women swooning over his poetry and dashing looks, he is captivated by the brilliant Heloise alone. As their relationship blossoms from a meeting of the minds to a forbidden love affair, both Heloise and Abelard must choose between love, duty, and ambition.

Sherry Jones weaves the lovers’ own words into an evocative account of desire and sacrifice. As intimate as it is erotic, as devastating as it is beautiful, The Sharp Hook of Love is a poignant, tender tribute to one of history’s greatest romances, and to love’s power to transform and endure.  [provided by the author]

Attention reviewers: Yes, it is sexual, but also tasteful



Sharp Hook of Love - Sherry JonesSHERRY JONES is also the author of Four Sisters, All Queens;
The Sword of Medina;
and her controversial, internationally bestselling debut, The Jewel of Medina.

She lives in Spokane, Washington.

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The Sharp Hook of Love has been the best historical romance I have read this year, and I have been privileged to read quite an abundance of great books in 2014. Jones’ lyrical style, along with her brilliance to bring this memorable historical couple to life will leave you in awe – torturously pleasing, achingly beautiful. For those unfamiliar with Heloise and Abelard what a wonderful way to discover a story penned with talent and competency on Jones’ part, no doubt you are in for a real treat. Cannot recommend this tale of unfaltering love enough, bravo Sherry Jones.


I truly loved this novel. I hope that all the feelings were true. Pick this book up. You won’t regret it. It’s a love story that should be known and forever remembered. It’s a great example or discourse on what love was like back then, who was allowed to love, what the cost was, and what the reward was. Jones tackles the topic of societal norms and expectations of that era, without deterring from the lovers’ story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

The Book Binder’s Daughter

I highly recommend THE SHARP HOOK of love not only because it is a compelling love story, but also because it is a well-researched historical novel set in twelfth century France.

Book Nerd

I have to say this is one of my favorite books!  I could not put it down.  I added Sherry Jones’ other books to my to-read pile!  Amazing author! Amazing story!

Just One More Chapter

There is so much substance to this book, showing the author’s knowledge and depth of research that went into this story.  Not just her knowledge of the characters but of the time period as well, the lifestyle and culture were shown in a way that had me visualizing so much.  Written with feeling and sensitivity Sherry Jones had me consumed, wanting to reading just a little more till I was finished.

An Accidental Blog

I can’t imagine the amount of research and the leap of imagination it took for Jones to bring these historical characters to life… If you enjoy historical romances, I think you don’t want to miss this one.

Words And Peace

VERDICT: Based on Heloise and Abelard’s letters and many other documents and studies, The Sharp Hook of Love reminds modern readers of the most famous Medieval couple, of their powerful love and their numerous obstacles to live it. Combining romance and elements of mystery, this is a must read to know more about how a brilliant European woman lived and fought in the Middle Ages.

Griperang’s Bookmarks

I liked the way Sherry developed her characters and set the scenes. Once you start this book you will not want to put it down. I am going to look for more books by this author.

The Avid Reader

I have to say as well I really liked the books cover and how much it looks like fine art. Which is just what this book was fine art, well written and interesting.

Impressions In Ink

The Sharp Hook of Love is an emotional read. It is a mesmerizing read. It is a haunting and memorable read.

Vvb32 Reads

I loved how the chapter headers incorporated original text from the letters Heloise and Abelard wrote to each other. The feelings and emotions are expressed so well from the brief passages.

it’s a deeply-felt romance that also raises some interesting and philosophical questions about the nature and impact of love.

Booksie’s Blog

Sherry Jones has written a novel that explores the role that women had in medieval Europe.