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*Find any sentence, (or a few, just don’t spoil it) that grabs you.
*Post it.
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I am posting for this meme a passage from a book
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Nick strode round behind her.
“Don’t kick her!” I cried.
“I’d never do that,” he chided me. “But I will give her backside a heave upwards.”
And with that he grabbed her tail.
“Come on, girl, move your arse.”
He pulled her tail up. Before he could even begin to exert any pressure, Holly was on her feet. I guessed it was the indignity of having her lady llama bits exposed that made her shoot up, or perhaps it was the blast of cold night air on them once the warm, furry cover was removed. Anyway, she was on her feet and we were in business.
It hadn’t occurred to me that Holly might not want to co-operate in this crazy Christmassy escapade. I’d merrily assumed she’d happily comply with our plans. She was decidedly reluctant to come out with us into the snowy outdoors. She’d been very happy in her cosy den. I had to pull very firmly on the leading rope, and Nick gave her a few slaps on the behind before she finally accelerated out of a dawdle into a slow walk. At this rate the service would be over before we got to the church.

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