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French Collection:
Twelve Short Stories


 Release date: Nov 9, 2017
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104 pages
ISBN: 9780981347417

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For fans of all things French, a collection of stories from the author of the bestselling The House at Zaronza.

Steeped in history, France is a country whose landscapes and light have enthused writers and artists for centuries. Beneath the dust of ages lie buried countless personal histories, which have inspired this collection of twelve fictional short stories.

Can Arlette resolve her predicament while her sweetheart fights in the trenches on the Western Front? By escaping to the countryside, will a woman be allowed to leave behind her troubled past? The celebrated painter Edgar Degas wants to paint an exotic circus performer, but will the portrait match her expectations? Can the unsightly Pierre Turnip Nose get the girl he is afraid will never want him? These are just four of the dilemmas that must be resolved by the end of each of the twelve stories.

Most of the tales are set in the past and a few contain a hint of the supernatural. All are infused with the essence of France.



Vanessa Couchman
has lived in southwest France since 1997
and is fascinated by French and Corsican history and culture.
Her first novel The House at Zaronza (Crooked Cat Books, 2014)
is set in early 20th-century Corsica and at the Western Front during World War I.
She has finished another Corsica novel, The Corsican Widow,
set in the 18th century,
and is writing a third Corsica novel set during World War II.
Among the ideas jostling for position is a novel set in France in World War II.
Vanessa’s short stories have won, been placed and shortlisted
in creative writing competitions and published in anthologies.

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