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The Hands On French Cookbook


The Hands On French Cookbook:
Connect with French through Simple, Healthy Cooking

(nonfiction: Healthy Bilingual French Cook Book and Language Book – French and English)

 Release date: 6/2/2021
144 pages
Hands on French



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If you think French food is complicated, decadent, and heavy, think again!
If you think learning and exploring another language is difficult or boring, think again!
And if you think cooking French food and learning French at the same time is impossible, teacher and home cook Elisabeth de Châtillon is here to prove you wrong. It might sound too good to be true, but THE HANDS ON FRENCH COOKBOOK is full of healthy, simple French recipes that you can make for friends and family while you learn not only the French language but also a little bit about French culture in a relaxed, fun, tasty way.

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Hall Ways Blog

As an admitted Francophile, I enjoyed every single element of the book: the author’s French style, reading the text in French (and then checking the translation), the simple-to-prepare French recipes (miam miam!), the additional cultural tidbits about where ingredients and dishes come from, and the beautiful photographs and fun illustrations.


France is my happy place, so when I heard about a French cookbook, and I learned it’s a French cookbook that helps you learn French…
Well, yes, please.
As an educator, I immediately saw the value of using cooking as a venue to learn a language.
Overall assessment: The Hands On Cookbook is a fun way of learning French and trying out some classic French recipes.

The French Village Diaries

There is a lot to love in this innovative French recipe book.
For anyone with an interest in cooking and eating French food, who is also looking for a practical and fun way to improve their French vocabulary, this book ticks a lot of boxes.

Words And Peace

VERDICT: The most yummy book I have read this year. Cook and learn French at the same time!


The Hands on French Cookbook: Connect with French through Simple, Healthy Cooking is a fantastic little cookbook on so many levels. Firstly, as a language learning tool, it is a fun, easy way to learn new vocabulary and practice what you have learned.
As a cookbook, the organization is excellent.

And now the best part of the book, the food!

Locks, Hooks and Books

The Hands On French Cookbook: Connect with French through Simple, Healthy Cooking is probably the easiest reading French cookbook I have come across.
I was able to follow the directions and ingredients with no problem.
I am giving The Hands On French Cookbook: Connect with French through Simple, Healthy Cooking a very well deserved five plus stars. I highly recommend it for those who want to find an easy and authentic French cookbook.

Linda Lappin’s Blog

A perfect book for anyone who’d like to recreate the flavors of France in their own kitchen, while improving their language skills.  

Svetlana’s Reads and Views

It’s an awesome learning tool because of the healthy recipes and the necessary action that will cause the reader to remember what word means what action, especially in something so necessary as cooking and food. 



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The Hands On French Cookbook_Elisabeth de ChâtillonElisabeth de Châtillon
was born in France, has an MA in Education and Marketing,
and has taught extensively in both the USA and Europe.
She is also an accomplished home cook
who enjoys sharing her love for French cooking
by feeding her family and friends simple, good food.
was born from her combined love of teaching and cooking
—and a desire to share that love and knowledge.
When Elisabeth isn’t working or cooking,
she likes stepping on her yoga mat,
meditating, swimming in the ocean and lakes, walking in the beautiful outdoors, and traveling.
She currently lives in Nashville, TN, with her husband, Ron, and Minou, her bilingual cat.

To find our more, please visit her website.
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