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Katherine's Wish


Katherine’s Wish

(Historical fiction/fictional biography)

Officially released in 2008,
now re released in 2021
250 pages
Wordcraft of Oregon



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In this dramatic, fictional retelling of New Zealand writer Katherine Mansfield‘s final years, and of the events which led up to her meeting with P.D. Ouspensky and G. I Gurdjieff, novelist Linda Lappin transports the reader like a time traveler into Mansfield’s intimate world.
Scrupulously researched and richly evocative, the novel has been praised by Mansfield scholars as “creative scholarship.”
With vivid detail and beautiful language and style, Lappin has built on journals, letters, and diaries to fashion a true-to-life mosaic, using themes, motifs, and methods of Mansfield’s own writing.
Katherine’s Wish celebrates Mansfield’s deep love of life and its final message is a life-affirming one of joy and of wholeness achieved.

Finalist, ForeWord Book of the Year Award in fiction,
IPPY Gold medal in historical fiction,
honorable mention Hoffer Awards, honorable mention Paris Book Festival,
finalist Next Generation Indie Awards.

A radio play adaptation of Katherine’s Wish is forthcoming.

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Rain Taxi

Set against the backdrop of war-torn 1920’s Europe, the three main characters are fully realized: Mansfield, the consummate artist, willful, critical, and obsessed; her self-satisfied, priggish, and adoring husband, British literary critic John Middleton Murry; and Ida Constance Baker, Katie’s plodding devotee and handmaiden since they were schoolgirls together. Leonard and Virginia Woolf, D. H. and Frieda Lawrence, and other notables appear as social intimates. 
But Katherine’s Wish is first and foremost the compelling story of an artist fighting against time. Long after the last page, thoughts of her linger like an exotic scent, as if, anticipating other guests, she simply stepped from the room to display a vase of flowers or a platter’s mounded figs.” 
Joyce J. Townsend

The Literary Review

The more Katherine Mansfield approaches death, the more she comes to life in Linda Lappin’s Katherine’s Wish…Lappin’s achievement is to succeed where medicine failed and, through her words, give Katherine Mansfield ongoing life.”
Walter Cummins

Historical Novel Society

Capturing the latter part of Katherine’s life and world, the author brings vivid life to this novel, which reads like a literary biography of Katherine Mansfield and her contemporaries.
Tess Allegra

The Reading Life

Lappin has been reading Mansfield for decades and has clearly a great empathy for her and understanding of her pain, loneliness and of the well springs of her creativity. 
There is just so much to savior in Kathernine Wish, the prose is as exquisite as that of Rosamond  Lehmann at her most elegant, there is lot to be work and  life of Mansfield in this book but there is much more.  Mansfield was an artist of supreme quality who struggled with the wonder and pain of her genius. 
I strongly endorse Katherine’s Wish to all lovers of the novel.  It is must reading for those interested in Mansfield and early twentieth century literary history.
Mel U

Susan Tiberghien on Goodreads

Katherine’s Wish is a superbly written, fictionalized account of Mansfield’s last five years. Linda Lappin revealed to me a different, deeper Katherine Mansfield, encouraging me to read anew her work.

John on Goodreads

The novel vividly renders the bewildering rush of its heroine’s declining years, a time of paradoxical flailing & accomplishment.
It begins in the devastated final months of World War I, in a southern France on strict rations & stripped of healthy men, then moves through the writer’s marriage, her late successes, & her any-port-in-a-storm commitment to the cult of the Russian mystic Gurdjieff.
Along the way Lappin brings to life a number of the literary sensibilities of the Bloomsbury circle, including, yes, Woolf, & D.H. Lawrence too.
Through it all, Mansfield emerges ever more powerfully: a sensation, a tragedy, a tempest of yearning.


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Katherine's Wish_Linda Lappin

Linda Lappin has published four novels:
The Etruscan (Wynkin de Worde, 2004);
Katherine’s Wish, dealing with the life of Katherine Mansfield (Wordcraft, 2008),
shortlisted for Foreward Book of the Year
and IPPY gold medal winner in historical fiction;
Signatures in Stone: A Bomarzo Mystery, winner of the Daphne DuMaurier Award
from RWA for the best mystery novel of 2013;
and Loving Modigliani: The Afterlife of Jeanne Hébuterne.
She is also the author of The Soul of Place: Ideas and Exercises for Conjuring the Genius Loci,
winner in 2015 of the gold medal in creativity in the Nautilus Book Awards.
She lives in Rome.

Visit the author’s website and her blog.
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