France Book Tours #Banner 1st anniversary

France Book Tours celebrated
its second anniversary
on April 18!

Giveaway winner

Only one participant discovered the title! All the others were misled by the last clue. They thought of a book by Kate Morton, but unfortunatley none of her books fit the other 2 clues.

So here were the answers:

yes, it HAS a connection with France
= one of the layers of the book is about French novelist
Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force

= it is a retelling of the fairy tale by the Grimm brothers: Rapunzel

= green

= Kate (the connection was not the last name, too easy, but the first name!

So the book was
Bitter Greens,
by Kate Forsyth
Hint: this book was reviewed on Words And Peace
= if you have not read it yet, I highly recommend it to you,
it is so well done!

The winner of this book is

FBT 2nd anniversary winner