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Dancing with Paris

Author Juliette Sobanet

will be on an upcoming Tour

August 5-9, 2013

with her third novel:

Dancing With Paris

Release date: July 16th 2013, by Amazon Publishing

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In Paris, a past life promises a second chance at love. 

Straitlaced marriage therapist Claudia Davis had a plan–and it definitely did not involve getting pregnant from a one-night stand or falling for a gorgeous French actor. She thinks her life can’t possibly get more complicated. But when Claudia takes a tumble in her grandmother’s San Diego dance studio, she awakens in 1950s Paris in the body of Ruby Kerrigan, the glamorous star of a risque cabaret–and the number-one suspect in the gruesome murder of a fellow dancer. As past lives go, it’s a doozy…especially when an encounter with a handsome and mysterious French doctor ignites a fire in Claudia’s sinfully beautiful new body.

But time, for all its twists and turns, is not on her side: Claudia has just five days to unmask the true killer, clear Ruby’s name, and return to the twenty-first century. To do so, she must make an impossible choice, one that will change the course of both of her lives forever. [from the author’s website]




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