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I will share here the first paragraph of a book
in the Completed Tours category.

The Silk Romance
ISBN: 978-1771273213
Published May 24th 2013
by MuseItUp Publishing

The Silk Romance is available from
Amazon UK, Amazon US, Kobo , B&N , the Muse Bookstore
and all other major e-tailers.


A deep voice reverberated around the empty chapel, bringing Sophie to a halt in the doorway. Outside, sunlight streamed over a group of black-clad mourners lingering in the memorial gardens. For a moment, she was tempted to let her feet carry her on, to pretend she’d heard nothing and escape into the Parisian sunshine… but that would be the act of a coward. She steeled herself, casting a last, longing glance at the departing mourners before making a slow turn to face the speaker.

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