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641to_paris_digital-3-900x1200The 6:41 to Paris


 Release date: November 10, 2015
at New Vessel Press

153  pages

ISBN: 978-1939931269

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Cecile, a stylish 47-year-old, has spent the weekend visiting her parents in a provincial town southeast of Paris. By early Monday morning, she’s exhausted. These trips back home are always stressful and she settles into a train compartment with an empty seat beside her. But it’s soon occupied by a man she instantly recognizes: Philippe Leduc, with whom she had a passionate affair that ended in her brutal humiliation 30 years ago. In the fraught hour and a half that ensues, their express train hurtles towards the French capital. Cécile and Philippe undertake their own face to face journey—In silence? What could they possibly say to one another?—with the reader gaining entrée to the most private of thoughts. This is a brilliant psychological thriller, a high-wire act of emotions on rails, about past romance, with all its pain and promise. [provided by the publisher]


portrait de Jean-philippe Blondel 

Jean-Philippe Blondel
was born in 1964 in Troyes, France
where he lives as an author and English teacher.
His novel The 6:41 to Paris
has been a bestseller in both France and Germany.


Alison Anderson is a novelist and translator of literature from French. Among the authors she has translated are JMG Le Clézio, Christian Bobin, Muriel Barbery and Amélie Nothomb. She has lived in Northern California and currently lives in a village in Switzerland.
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I’d Rather Be At The Beach

It’s a really short book at only 170 pages, but it’s impact on you will be huge.
This is a book unlike any I’ve ever read, and it is well worth the time it takes to read it. I would definitely recommend this book.

Words And Peace

Short dense novel highlighting the rampant anonymity of our individualistic society, but also how a simple train ride can invite you to re-examine your life and your connections.

Book And Ink

This story simply bowled me over.
This is one story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading in spite of a very regular story line.
The translation was just perfect ensuring that all the right emotions weren’t lost in translation.

This book, originally written in French, was translated into English by Alison Anderson.  It was incredibly well done.
There were many gentle and amusing anecdotes and reflections which I found to be beautifully written.
A pleasant and easy read (perfect for a trip!).  You’ll want to pass this this story on to someone else to enjoy as well.


I can honestly say I’ve not read a book like this before.
I read this in less time than the characters shared on their train ride. The story stayed with me a lot longer.

 The Book Binder’s Daughter

The ending to this book is very interesting as the author builds up to the conclusion.
New Vessel Press has provided us with another entertaining translation of a charming French book.

French Village Diaries

I loved the mystery the author created and how he made questions keep popping in to my mind.
The suspense created and the emotions Cécile and Philippe experienced in their minds, still as strong as ever from their personal recollections, but kept suppressed from the other passengers around them, kept me page turning.
This book is something a bit different and I’m sure anyone who is used to taking regular train journeys would enjoy it.

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