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The Art of Rebellion

(YA historical)

 Release date: June 15, 2016
at Rebelight Publishing

ISBN: 978-0994839985
252 pages



Released June 15, 2016, by Rebelight Publishing, this beautifully written, lush piece drops you into tumultuous and breathtaking late 19th century Paris.
Sixteen year old Gabrielle dreams of becoming an artist but her ambitious parents agree to an arranged marriage to an aging Baron. In protest, she runs away from her provincial home of Laval to Paris, the City of Light, intending to live with her grandmother and pursue her passion for art. Her bold plan disintegrates as she arrives in Paris to discover her grandmother has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Alone in the capital, Gabrielle wonders who to trust: her new artist friends or the handsome but irritating stranger she met on the train, who just might be stalking her. Gabrielle’s pride, ambition and impulsive nature thrust her into Paris’ underbelly of betrayal and abuse. Will she find the courage to begin a new life on her own terms?

The Art of Rebellion was on the Calgary Bestselling Fiction list in August 2016

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Brenda Joyce Leahy
loves historical fiction
and thinks she was born a century too late
but can’t imagine her life without computers or cell phones.
So, perhaps, she arrived in the world
at just the right moment to tell this story.
She grew up on a farm near Taber, Alberta
but now lives with her family near the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta.
After over 20 years practising law,
she has returned to her first love of writing fiction.
She is a member of several writing organizations,
including the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
The Art of Rebellion is also profiled on the Humber School of Writers’ website
Brenda is also a member of the Historical Novel Societyand leads a YA/MG writers’ critique group in Calgary.


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Book and Ink

The story was quite outstanding in many aspects. First, the narration was spot on. Old age Paris – the description of sights, the fashion and the culture seemed so realistic through the writer’s eyes. It is evident that the writer has done a fair bit of research.

The French Village Diaries

Gabrielle’s art brings her to life and I could feel her excitement as the Paris art scene opens out in front of her.
This is a young adult novel and the author has captured the tumult of teenage emotions perfectly, but I also think it will appeal to readers of all ages who enjoy historical fiction.

Musings of a Writer & Unabashed Francophile

Brenda Joyce Leahy brings 19th Century Paris to life, and I loved reading this book. I loved to learn about the feminists, about the Exposition, about the tawdriness, and dirt, and desperation. Politics, domestic life, art, passion, all rolled into one.

History from a Woman’s Perspective

Overall, this story is a coming-of-age tale and a journey of self-discovery. The message of this book is to pursue your dreams, but never lose sight of what’s important in your life.
I loved the setting of Belle Epoque Paris in this novel. I loved the historical details in this book like the suffrage movement and the Paris Exposition. Thus, I not only recommend this novel to those interested in art, historical fiction, and Paris, but also to fans of Belle Epoque, Marie, Dancing, and A Mad Wicked Folly.

Leahy’s style of description really appealed to me.
I would definitely read a longer novel by Brenda Joyce Leahy, and will be looking at getting this one into my school libraries in the meantime.

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