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Paris Nights

Paris Nights:
My Year at the Moulin Rouge


 Release date: July 15, 2016
at Waldorf Publishing

ISBN: 978-194384892-8
197 pages



A memoir by the critically acclaimed actor Cliff Simon.
Paris Nights, the memoir of a South African soldier turned performer in the world’s most famous cabaret, delivers in a hugely entertaining way.
Little did Cliff Simon know that a single phone call and a one-way ticket to Paris would ultimately change his life forever.
Now the acclaimed television and film actor shares his journey from Johannesburg to the Moulin Rouge to Hollywood in his debut memoir, Paris Nights: My Year at the Moulin Rouge.
From a young age Cliff Simon knew he was headed towards big places. Having grown up as both a skilled gymnast and a competitive swimmer, performance was in his blood. But with the onset of Apartheid and the looming threat of war, he and his Jewish family soon retreated from Johannesburg, South Africa to the London countryside. Before he knew it, he joined the British swim team and was near Olympics-bound with a full-ride offer to a United States university.
But something wasn’t quite right. Instead, Cliff returned home and enlisted in the South African Air Force. Cliff’s habit of impulsive risk-taking would continue but ultimately pave the foundation for an experience most of us would only dream of. After he was honorably discharged, twenty-seven-year-old Cliff worked a series of odd jobs at a resort near the Indian Ocean until he received a phone call from an old friend inviting him to join him at the iconic Moulin Rouge.
Here begins the story of Cliff’s meteoric rise at the Moulin from swing dancer to principal in the glamour filled show, Formidable; his offstage encounters with street thugs and diamond smugglers; and the long nights filled with after parties and his pick of gorgeous women. Encounter the magic, the mayhem, and the glory that was and still is the Moulin Rouge.



“He writes of Paris as no one has done before, the after-dark city of night clubs, dance groupies, street fights, and shady characters. His is a truly singular story, and it’s told with humor, swagger, and absolute honesty.” –Marcia DeSanctis, author of 100 Places in France Ever Woman Should Go

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Paris Nights Cliff Simon


Cliff Simon
is a well-known television actor,
born in Johannesburg, South Africa.
He appeared for 7 seasons on the sci-fi thriller,
Stargate as the evil Ba’al.
Some of his recent appearances
have been on CSI, 24,
the Americans, and in the film, Project Eden.

Paris Nights Loren StephensLoren Stephens
has been twice nominated for
the Pushcart Prize for the Best American Short Story,
and her essays and short stories
have appeared in the Los Angeles Times,
the Chicago Tribune, Peregrine,
the Montreal Review, to name a few.
Her novel “All Sorrows Can Be Borne,” set in Japan will be published in 2017.

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Cliff seems to have this electric energy that just shines through in every page. He expresses himself with total honesty and allows the reader to go on the journey with him.
We get to experience the unknown inside life of the Moulin Rouge and I felt I was in the audience captivating every moment.
I can see that this is going to be one of those Memoirs that will stay with me for a long time and I am left wanting more from Cliff Simon.

Musings of a Writer & Unabashed Francophile

As for the Moulin Rouge itself, seeing behind the curtain and learning about the organization and backstage secrets was fascinating.
Mr. Simon’s book is a great teaser and taste of what the dance hall must be like.
He approached the issues (of apartheid) with honesty, acknowledging the difference between views then and now. It’s refreshing, and shows the depth of his thoughts, and his voice is very specific and unique.

The Next Chapter

It was very to the point, and matter-of-fact — an element I enjoyed very much whilst reading this memoir.
I enjoyed every bit of this memoir.
It was, also, in many ways an eye-opener to me.
I was pleased that it wasn’t something that was flighty and trivial, but was both entertaining and introspective when it needed to be.


A most entertaining autobiography of a man, who has led an extraordinary life.


Cliff Simon’s fans will no doubt find this well-written memoir of great interest.

Booksie’s Blog

This book is recommended for readers who enjoy memoirs and who are interested in Paris and the nightlife found there.

Svetlana’s Reads and Views

The memoir explores and decodes behind-the-scenes of late 1980s of Moulin Rouge and what it is like working there, which I’ve liked.
What is also a bonus is the story of South Africa and of seeing what it is like being a religious minority in there.

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