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January 9-20



The Elusive Elixir

(mystery / paranormal mystery)

 Release date: January 8, 2017
at Midnight Ink

ISBN: 978-0738742366
336 pages


Dorian Robert-Houdin, the three-and-a-half-foot gargoyle chef who fancies himself a modern-day Poirot, is slowly turning into stone, and it’s up to Zoe Faust to unravel the alchemical secrets that can save him. When they discover that a long-lost stone gargoyle with a connection to Dorian has reappeared in Europe, the stakes are even higher.

From Portland to Paris, Zoe searches for the hidden knowledge she needs, but a cold case that harkens back to 1942 throws her off course. With an ailing friend desperately trying to discover his own elixir of life and a new romantic interest offering the first chance at love she’s had in nearly a century, Zoe is torn between a dangerous form of alchemy and her desire for a safer life.


“Hits high marks for a modern twist on an ancient practice. Amusing supporting characters and historical details solidify this engaging mystery.” — Library Journal

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 Gigi PandianUSA Today bestselling author
Gigi Pandian
spent her childhood
being dragged around the world
by her cultural anthropologist parents,
and now lives outside San Francisco
with her husband
and a gargoyle who watches over the garden.
Gigi writes the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt mysteries,
Accidental Alchemist mysteries,
and locked-room mystery short stories.
Gigi’s fiction has been awarded the Malice Domestic Grant
and Lefty Awards,
and been nominated for Macavity and Agatha Awards.

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This is a fabulously original book, and series, combining those formidable looking gargoyles of Notre Dame cathedral with alchemy.
There are secondary strands to the story making for a very rewarding, rich experience. It really is an absolutely delightful novel to read.

Queen of All She Reads

If you’re a fan of mysteries, French cooking, magic and science, this is a series you’re going to want to check out.
As usual I really enjoyed reading about Dorian’s kitchen exploits and his vegan gastronomical creations, Zoe’s healthy elixirs and the slowly growing romance between Zoe and Max.
I look forward to reading the next installment in this series.


What a fun mystery/fantasy series!
Not only do we travel to different historic sites in the book, including the underground catacombs, where raves now take place, but Dorian keeps us tantalized with mouth watering French culinary treats.

Lovable and funny characters, an intriguing storyline, interesting elements of alchemy and really fascinating setting: it was a very enjoyable read.
It ‘s a very engaging story, once you start it’s really hard to put it down.
Highly recommended for those who love the cozy mystery, alchemy and Paris.


The author can really bring to life the personalities of gargoyles, teens, unaging alchemists and a police detective.
I found this book to be a treat to read.

Eiffel Tower Orange