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Falling for Provence

Falling for Provence

(women’s fiction, romantic suspense, family life)

 Release date: June 5, 2020
at Oblique Press

245 pages

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Running a French B&B isn’t all wine and smelly cheese, Fia Jennings discovers as she tries to create a new life for herself and a smooth path for her teenage twins, while not—absolutely not – falling into a new romance. But she didn’t anticipate a handsome stranger showing up on her doorstep and sucking her into an art caper with dangerous overtones.
Can she make a new life in France or will she retreat to the States and her broken marriage?
[The book contains some sex, not a lot of details]

Eiffel Tower Orange



The Content Reader

I really enjoyed this book. Paulita Kincer is very well balancing a story that plays out on different levels. We get a good glimpse of life in France, its traditions, and its people, as well as a mystery to solve. The characters are well-drawn, as are the surroundings of Provence and Paris.
Touching on international history and European travel it makes for interesting, exciting, and varied reading.

Coffee, Chocolate or Tennis

Falling for Provence is a story of mystery, romance and family. It is action-packed full of twists and turns.
Kincer is a good story-teller, she cleverly weaves the story interchangeably in two voices.
Falling for Provence written by Paulita Kincer is a page-turner and definitely a book you would very much like to read in one sitting.

Locks, Hooks and Books

I thought was a great read and gives me yet another reason why this author is fastly becoming one of my go to / must read authors. This one is full of romance, suspense, drama, and entertainment. I did not want to put it down.

Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

If you enjoy Women’s Fiction with a bit of Mystery, and a dash of Suspense, this is definitely a book I’d check out!

Vvb32 reads

…kept my attention to the end.
There are trips to Aix on Provence and around town to give a good sense of the place that had me noting for a future visit. And, a weekend jaunt into Paris is an added treat.

Grass Monster

Paulita Kincer, once again delivers us a story of Suspence, Romance, Mystery and a lot of drama. This is a perfect read that will take you away from all the stresses of everyday life at the moment. Escapism at its best.
Hoping there will be a third book in the series, looking forward to more from this Author.


Kincer has developed a type of hybrid heist ala Dan Brown (Robert Langdon cryptographic series) and Ritter Ames (Bodies of Art series) that will sweep you into a world you can only imagine while you stay firmly in your ordinary life.


This is a standalone book and the author fills in background from the first. I love mysteries and thrillers, that have museums, as settings and plots, that involve art theft.
Eiffel Tower Orange
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