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Sunday Sentence: Fa-la-llama-la, by Stephanie Dagg




Stephanie Dagg

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et bonne année 2017 !

Eiffel Tower Orange

Sunday Sentence
is inspired by author David Abrams
The Quivering Pen



Celebrate Bastille Day

Bastille Day in Chicago


Ready to Celebrate Bastille Day on July 14?

On March 31, The Eiffel Tower celebrated its 125 anniversary!
Did you take part in any festivity?

Does your city organize a great Bastille Day celebration,
like in Chicago?

If not,
France Book Tours
has something very special for you!


We have 10 unique Eiffel Tower hand-painted rocks available!

They are available for ordering,
you can buy them for yourself, as a special treat,
or have them mailed directly to someone who will enjoy this art piece.

As we don’t have time right now to paint more than 1 of each kind,
we are going to have a kind of  auction.
Whoever offers most will win it.
This will help also to run France Book Tours

Here are the rocks, with size and price offered.
They are all hand-painted by me, with acrylics, and covered with a protective coating.
The shipping will be added to the auction amount offered.

2 conditions to be able to take part in this “auction’: be a US resident and accept to pay through paypal [with a credit card to paypal works]

  1. Please write in a comment how much you would be ready to offer for the rock you want – we will allow only 1 rock per person at this time
  2. On Friday 6/20, this list will be updated, with the highest bid
  3. A second update will be posted on Monday 6/30
  4. On Saturday 5, the winner for each rock will be selected and contacted.
  5. Once you pay the highest bid you offered [only through paypal], the rock will be mailed to you or the person of your choice [US residents only]


eiffel rainbow2


Rock #1: Eiffel Rainbow

Black Eiffel Tower, lined in gold. Rainbow colors background
4″ x 1.5″
5 oz
Minimum auction: $7
+ Shipping: $3


Eiffel fireworks2


Rock #2: Eiffel Fireworks

Silver Eiffel Tower, on night background with fireworks
5.5″ x 2″
11 oz
Minimum auction: $5
+ Shipping: $4





eiffel i love Paris 2

Rock #3: Eiffel I Love Paris

Grey Eiffel Tower, on blue background with I Love Paris banner
3.5″ x 3.5″
11 oz
Minimum auction: $7
+ Shipping: $4





eiffel flag2

Rock #4: Eiffel Flag

Black Eiffel Tower, on blue/green background with the French flag on the right side
2.5″ x 3.5″
6 oz
Minimum auction: $7
+ Shipping: $3




eiffel sunset2

Rock #5: Eiffel sunset

Black Eiffel Tower, on orangy sunset background
The rock stands by itself
3.25″ x 3.5″
7 oz
Minimum auction: $5
+ Shipping: $3




eiffel sunrise2

Rock #6: Eiffel sunrise

Black Eiffel Tower, on blueish sunrise background
The rock stands by itself
2.5″ x 2.75″
7 oz
Minimum auction: $5
+ Shipping: $3




Eiffel turquoise2

Rock #7: Eiffel turquoise

Black Eiffel Tower, on plain turquoise background
The rock stands by itself
2″ x 2.75″
5 oz
Minimum auction: $3
+ Shipping: $3




eiffel emerald2

Rock #8: Eiffel emerald

Silver Eiffel Tower, on plain emerald background
2″ x 2.25″
2 oz
Minimum auction: $3
+ Shipping: $2





eiffel magenta 2

Rock #9: Eiffel magenta

Black Eiffel Tower, on plain magenta background
2.5″ x 1.5″
2 oz
Minimum auction: $3
+ Shipping: $2






Rock #10: Eiffel misty

Greyish Eiffel Tower, over a bridge with misty background
4″ x 5″
1.5 lb
Minimum auction: $10
+ Shipping: $7

Wordless Wednesday (May 7)

gazing on the Eiffel Tower
Almost wordless…
Tourist gazing upon the Eiffel Tower

On March 28, the Eiffel Tower celebrated its 125th anniversary!

I’m sharing here one of my pictures. Did you notice it is also on the cover of one of books on tour this week?
Click on this gorgeous cover to know more about the book

Star For Mrs Blake cover


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