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The City of Blood

[police procedural / thriller]

(translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman)

 Release date: January 20, 2015
at Le French Book

212 pages

ISBN: 978-1939474186

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When a major Parisian modern art event gets unexpected attention on live TV, Chief of Police Nico Sirsky and his team of elite crime fighters rush to La Villette park and museum complex. There, renowned artist Samuel Cassian is inaugurating the first archeological dig of modern art, twenty-seven years after burying the leftovers of a banquet. In front of reporters from around the world, excavators uncover a skeleton. Could it be the artist’s own son? And does that death have anything to do with the current string of nightclub murders by the “Paris Butcher”? On the site of the French capital’s former slaughterhouses, the investigation takes Nico and France’s top criminal investigation division from artists’ studios to autopsy theaters and nightclubs in hopes of tracking down the murderer who has turned this Paris park into a city of blood. [provided by the publisher]




Frederique MolayCalled, “the French Michael Connelly,” Frédérique Molay graduated from France’s prestigious Science Po
and began her career in politics and the French administration.
She worked as chief of staff for the deputy mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye,
and then was elected to the local government in Saône-et-Loire.
Meanwhile, she spent her nights pursing a passion for writing she had nourished since she wrote her first novel at the age of eleven.
The first in the Paris Homicide series, The 7th Woman,
won France’s most prestigious crime fiction award and went on to become an international bestseller,
allowing Molay to dedicate her life to writing and raising her three children.

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Jeffrey Zuckerman was born in the Midwest and lives in New York. He has worked as an editorial assistant, a lifeguard, and a psychology researcher. Now an editor for Music and Literature Magazine, he also freelances for several companies, ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to old-fashioned book publishing. He holds a degree in English with honors from Yale University, where he studied English literature, creative writing, and translation.


The Discerning Reader

Frédérique Molay strikes again with another exciting installment in this thrilling series. With vivid descriptions of Paris, plenty of historical facts along with intricate police details and procedures all creating a fast paced riveting narrative.

Musings of a Writer and Unabashed Francophile

I’m finding I can’t quite do without this French police chief, nor without the twists and turns as he tries to figure out the solution. I think “City of Blood” is quite possibly my favourite of the three books in this series (in English) so far.

Queen of All She Reads

Ms. Molay does a fantastic job continuing to develop her characters.
I really enjoyed The City of Blood and can’t wait to read what Ms. Molay writes for us next.

Words And Peace

Choosing a famous park in Paris as her setting, famous French writer Frédérique Molay assigns another intriguing crime investigation to chief of police Nico Sirsky. Mix blood, art, and even religion, and you have an irresistible page-turner.

I Wish I Lived in a Library

While the murders are very brutal and everything is clearly dealt with there’s a distance to the book itself that will keep you turning pages but won’t give you nightmares.  The writing style approaches the murders from almost an academic perspective even though everyone is involved is very motivated to solve the murders.

Valli’s Book Den

The City of Blood is a short and interesting police procedural that could be read in a few hours. Like the earlier novel in the series ‘Crossing the Line’, this novel also has an interesting setting ‘The city of blood’, formerly abattoir of the City, and invokes the place with interesting information.